Flyers: Jungle Fresh

Thanks to Quest for suppling the flyers/posters/photos


Club Classics: Jungle Fresh (Part 2)

Talking Jungle Fresh with man like Quest. When and how did you get involved with Jungle Fresh?  I moved to Plymouth from Kent in late 96 & got to know Si at Bigga records who passed on a mixtape of mine to Katie & Colin who were promoting the very first Jungle Fresh with Kev… Continue reading Club Classics: Jungle Fresh (Part 2)

Plymouth Vinyl Spots: Rhythm

Big thanks to Nick Clark for taking the time to give us this info on his market stall that he had here in Plymouth back in the eighties. Rhythm are still functioning as Rhythm Online for all your new/used Vinyl and CD needs: Rhythm Online and their Facebook page:  Rhythm Online (Facebook). Am I correct in saying… Continue reading Plymouth Vinyl Spots: Rhythm