Chart: Rake

top 5  golden era hip hop albums-

1. Main source -breaking atoms
2.Slick Rick – the adventures of..
3.Priority One – Total Chaos
4. Nice and Smooth- Nice and Smooth
5. Crown Rulers- Paper chase
top 5 Funk/Soul songs-
1. Kleer – Tonight
2. Debarge- Stay with me
3. Boxx- break it down
4. Mills Boogie- We ballin’
5. Ollie& Jerry- Theres no Stoppin us now
top 5 current albums-
1. Chromeo – White Woman
2. 100s – Ivry
3. B bravo – Starship connection
4. XLMiddleton etc.- Is this the future Vol1
5. Dam Funk- 7 days of Funk
top 5  West coast hip hop records-
1.King Teee – played like a piano
2. CMW. – late night hype
3. 100s – ten freaky hoes
4.Rappin 4 tay – playaz club
5. XL. Middleton – I dont give a fuck about rap

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