Diggin’ You Scene 2: The Next Posse

Location: Outside the old Next Store in New George Street (now Halifax bank)

Scene: Hip Hop (Posse In Effect Boooye)

Notable Crews: TCI Initiative, FTF Posse, Legion Of Doom. Judge Doom. Mi

Years: 89-91

Hostility factor: 6 For every big-timer who was going to give you a rough time with some seriously bad attitude there were two toys to hang out with, “get in where you fit in” was the mantra.

Leagacy: By 1990 half the hip hoppers were now ravers, a trip to Zena’s started the transformation for most and a night at Wasp Factory solidified the change.
Not everyone donned the Joe Blogs and succumbed to the smell of the Golden Rush though a few still kept the pin-rolls and the pulse of the Plymouth hip hop scene pumping.
A bunch of guys went on to be local DJ’s and Promotors, one guy went to work with Mo’wax and loads of other cool shit.


Silver Bullet

Demon Boyz

Outlaw Posse


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