Club Classics Vol 1: Dirty Inferno



Dirty Inferno

When did the night run:
We held 4 parties, all in 2005.

The first two were at Jack Chams, the second two were held at The Bac-Bar.

Music Policy:
Strictly no sell out mix of fuzz/folk/jazz/soul/and Nihon breaks and beats (well thats how it started anyway)

Matthew Taylor and Parker (no guests)

How did the night come about:
A true case of a night being born out of nothing.
There was nothing going on in Plymouth that appealed to either Matt or myself, neither of us were into DnB which was huge here at the time. So we had the  idea to put something on that’s a million times away from anything else going on in the city. Both Matt and I dug deep when it came to our personal record collections and decided to try and play this stuff out, everything from mad hippy folk to J-pop.
Matt approached the guys at Chams with our idea for the night and they were very enthusiastic about our plans and agreed to let us use the venue.

We had no idea how the night was going to go, there was no apparent market for a night playing this left-field  music here in Plymouth and promotion for the night consisted of nothing but a few flyers handed out to relevant people and a bit of Myspace-ing.

So How did it go?
The first night went really well, we had a cool bunch of folks turn up (mainly consisting of friends and friends of friends) and I remember packing up at the end of the night thinking “damn how did we pull that off”. The staff/management were great too and really appreciative of our efforts and we got asked to put on another Dirty Inferno party which we did, same format and luckily another great party .
So now we find ourselves planning our 3rd night at Chams, due to the success of the previous two nights we now had a shop wanting to pay for our flyers and posters which was great, so we had a nice full color flyer designed and printed, anyone would think we were heading for another successful night, but a few days before the event I received a  worrying phone call from Matt.

He had been driving down Ebrington Street and noticed that that Chams was closed and more worryingly the bar had been emptied of all the stock. On hearing this my first thought was they must just be doing a stocktake though this proved to be wishful thinking on my part as Matt managed to get hold of one of the owners and they told him that due to rent issues the decision had been made to close the bar, so just like that with days we have no venue, with regret we canceled the night as finding a suitable alternative at such for notice proved impossible.

So that was the first two events?.
Yeah, we decided to keep it moving and The Bac Bar on North Hill is where we landed, same deal same concept, but the dynamic of the night was slightly different in that the basement of The Bac-Bar had a dancefloor area with Chams did not, once people had a few drinks they naturally wanted to dance and I’d say in all honestly that this affected (but not necessarily for the worse) the playlist for the night. The records were still obscure/underground for the most part but they might be a little more structured and not as freeform as some of the tunes we played at  Chams, the crowd seemed to like it anyway, our  first Bac Bar event was rammed, a few months later out second (and last) event at the Bac Bar was crazy busy, it was “one in one out” on the door, and a full on sweatbox.

So why did the party’s end?
A couple of things really, firstly the management of the Bac Bar seemed really unappreciative of our efforts, whilst we didn’t start the night for any financial gain a little “thank you” might have been in order seeing as we filled a fairly unpopular venue (as Bac Bar was at the time) to capacity levels. You think a couple of cheap drinks might have come our way but no, the management still charged us full price for drinks and don’t even offer a pint as a thank you. Thats really bad form and put us off working with them again*

The other reason the night stopped is that both Matt and I had other opportunities present themselves and we chose to put our passion/efforts into these new ventures instead, this was after a lot of soul searching and looking at possibilities to continue The Inferno, but it was decided to lay the party to rest.

*please note: the Bac Bar has changed hands since when we held our party’s here  so we are not slagging off the current management who we have never had any dealings with.

Three seminal Dirty Inferno tracks.

Dirty Serge Gainsbourg: Requiem Pour un Con

Rosetta Hightower: Big Bird

Luther Ingram: If it’s all the same to you



Sadistic Mike Band / Silver Child

Mandril / Two Sisters Of Mercy

Breakout / Taki Wiatr


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