Chart: Before Oakey was a cunt

“he’s like the Anit-Weatheal”

A lot of mean things have been said about Oakey over the years from the hair to the extra chromosome folks have been cruel, but he’s probably  maxin’ and relaxin’  in his Hollywood mansion right now and we are off to our 9 to 5’s, so who got the last laugh.

We at Loose Fit love a bandwagon jumper and Paul is the bandwagon jumper supreme, he has worked the game harder than most, from being manager of The London All-Stars (breakers) back in the early 80’s to royalty cashing with his Big Brother theme in the 2000’s, if Jay Z was right and you “cant kock the hustle” then you cant knock Oakey.
And lets not forget he did start Spectrum, was working as an A&R whist the rest of us were on the YTS, and was also involved in some seriously good records. 

Before Oakey was a cunt top 10:
Electra / Autumn Love

Electra / The Future (Edition 2)

Movement 98 / Joy and Heartbreak

The Speech / I have a dream

massive attack/ Unfinished Sympathy

Project Club, The – Amnesia

project club-Dance With The Devil (Balearic Mix)

Frazier Chorus – Nothing – Paul Oakenfold Remix

The cure / Close to Me (okenfold remix)

Jesus loves you / Generations of love

Happy Mondays / Rave On (Club mix)

Max Q / Sometimes (land of Oz mix)


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