Club Classics vol 2: The Sureshot


The Sureshot


When did the night run:
A bit of a vague answer but I think it was from 2000-2003.


The Cooperage, mostly in the upstairs part, but there were a quite a few in the main venue on the ground floor.

Music Policy:

As it said on the flyers Strictly Hip Hop. Our aim to keep an underground hip hop vibe, strictly grassroots hip hop tracks that would work on the dance floor.
This did include breaks and beats for the B-Boys.


Plug and Myself (Francois Parker)

Mainly Locals, we probably had all of the Plymouth guys play at least once, XL, DJ Shape, Scarfade, Panda, Exact. We also a few out of towner’s like Prone, Mr Serve and one of the guys from the Runaways, there are probably a whole load I’ve forgotten, the night was really about the local scene though.

How did the night come about:

There was a time when Plymouth venue The Cooperage held the crown for underground nights in Plymouth, every weekend there would be something on that would appeal to underground heads, and this included Hip Hop as The Cooperage was then home to the mighty Flava night.
Then came along a new owner, with new ideas and all the existing nights were basically given their marching orders in the form of a massive price hike in the cost of hiring the venue, the price was so high putting on nights was no longer viable, so more or less overnight the grand era of The Cooperage as a clubbing venue was gone.

Now if I remember right with the Flava temporarily homeless there was no hip hop going on in Plymouth for a while and I found myself wondering if it would be worth approaching The Cooperages new owner and asking if I could hire the  less popular but still nice upstairs part of the venue at a decent price, so I approached the guy and deal was stuck and The Sureshot was born.

So How did it go?

Over the 3 or so years it ran most of the nights were real good, the night served its purpose of supplying a monthly fix of dance-floor friendly grassroots hip hop.
The first night was a road block, I couldn’t believe it, I got busy with the posters and flyering and it paid off, a better start for a new night couldn’t be wished for.
Then came the second night, a disaster, a real low turnout. A one-off night put on by a group of unknown promoters  in an absolutely amazing venue (that hadn’t been used for a club night before) and a big name DJ scooped up the underground crowd on that night, we had a handful of hip hop diehards but so many folks who had come to the first Sureshot and made it a success had given us a miss on out second night and gone to this new venue, and to make it all the worse the new venue was next door to The Cooperage!

So that was a blow, after our grand launch things were not panning out as we imagined they would, luckily we had nothing to worry about the 3rd month of Sureshot was back to being a road block and that continued for a good year and a half, we were sometimes so busy entry was on a one-in one-out basis.

So why did the party’s end?

During the 3rd and final year of The Sureshot the landscape of Plymouth night life changed dramatically. The Drum And Bass nights at the Dance Academy where huge and DnB was becoming the choice music of the cooler end of the student market and we had always had a fair few of that demographic at the Sureshot. Also North Hill had started to pop off, Ride had opened offering what was really the first “cool” bar in that area, so again we lost some of our crowd. Also a new venue was opening The Bus Stop, and they were also going to the same crowd we had at The Sureshot, so are monthly numbers were getting lower by the month.
The night came to a natural end though as Plug moved away and my career  started to take off and I didn’t have the time to put on nights for a while.
Three classic Sureshot tracks:




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