DJ interview: Louk


DJ Name and any used previously?

And productions as ‘Pascal Okul’, ‘Cohesive’, ‘Future Vision’, ‘Growler’, ‘False Reality’, ‘304’, ‘Masters Of Chaos’, ‘R.B.N’.

What styles of music could one expect to hear in your sets?

I enjoy mixing it up and am quite varied but like playing a lot of techno and grew up listening to hard trance and trance so have played lots of that. Also play some oldskool and some more chilled out progressive bits too. Have made most of the same, myself and six others from Plymouth did an oldskool vinyl called Plymouth Warehouse Project 001 a couple years back.

How did you get started playing out?

It was something I said I didn’t want to do but made a lot of music over the years, and when some of the releases came out and lots of my friends were DJing locally some promoters said why don’t I have a go. In 2004 when at University when I was living in Birmingham I used what was left of my daily limit after buying a textbook that day to get a pair of decks at Cash Converters in Erdington and never looked back. They even gave me a discount so I could afford a Taxi home too… legends!

What nights/venues have you played over the years?

Quite a few over the years including Defqon 1 Festival (Holland), Nature One Festival (Germany), Sydney Olympic Showground, The Gallery at Ministry Of Sound, Matterly Bowl, Millenium Music Hall, Slammin Vinyl, Uprising, Bionic, but locally I had the pleasure of being a bi monthly resident for Eyecon at the Dance Academy, and also for Premonition as well as played at Hindsight, Atmosphere, Liquid Pulse, Vivify, Extreme Revolution / The Monastery, Country Club Reunion, Claires, Contorted, Digital Mind, Love Summer, Volksfest and more

Who are some of the ‘big name’ DJ’s that you have warmed up for or played with over the years?

Leo Dantes (Soundfixation) and myself played after Ferry Corsten in the Main Room of Ministry Of Sound last year, that was a pretty big highlight, but have DJ’d with many of my favourites over the years.

Where are you currently playing?

This weekend I am at Love Summer, love it there as it’s on my doorstep. I’m back to back with my good friend Matt Hugh who has always wanted to play there. Next week is Hard Spirit Festival near Ilfracombe. The week after I am at a Green Party Fundraiser with some wicked locals, and then off to Holland on 5th Sep to play in Almere. Aside from this I currently host a radio show ‘The Sonic Sessions’ on RTE 2FM’s Late Night Sessions that is actually on this Sunday. ( and also do the occasional show for Eatmusic!

Three tunes that have influenced the direction of your sets over the years:

Slacker – Scared (Lonely Traveller).

Heard this a few years ago on the moors when Skizzo dropped it and it changed the way I think about music. So emotive!

System F – Out Of The Blue.

Compared to what I play this is ridiculously cheesy but I still love it, taught me loads about detailed synth riffs and it was like someone turning on an equalizer in my head when I first heard it.

Mono Meltdown – Pegelfest [Superstition]

I bought this from Bigga Records (RIP) in 1999 when it was in the trance pile but I liked the look of the sleeve, three tracks of amazing techno that really got me into the genre. Still cain this now!


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