Club Classic: Planet Rock 

When did it run:
The night started in February of  1999 and ran monthly for about a year.

The Cooperage (upstairs mainly)

Music Policy:
Old school hip hop and breaks.

Just myself Francois Parker a.k.a. B-Boy Parkz.

Mainly locals guys like Blueprint, D-Groove and Nizza.

We didn’t really focus on getting big name guests (we were after all one of the smaller nights) but we were the  first promotors to bring the Scratch Perverts to plymouth.
We had Prime Cuts booked but he canceled the night before he was due to play which was a bit of a blow as he was the man at that point.
A few months latter we booked Harry Love and DJ Renegade who were both recent recruits to the Scratch Perverts, they put a on decent 4 deck show which people still talk about now.
We also had John Stapleton and Andy Smith play, which was a great night but we took some stick from the hip hop purists when John Stapleton played a couple of DnB tracks at the end of the night.

How did the night come about:
1999 was the year just about everyone seemed to have a night at The Cooperage, it was a real buzzing time so two of my friends along with myself decided to put on a night of Oldschool Hip Hop as we all liked the Oldschool sound and we were all involved in the breakin’ revival that kicked into gear in 1999.
It was just for a laugh really, everyone else was putting on nights so why not us?
The Flava was THE hip hop night in Plymouth (and I’d still bet it was the best hip hop night on in the country at that time) but it was only on once  month so we thought another (but smaller) Hip Hop night would be welcomed and it was, especially amongst the B-Boys.

How did the night come to end:
There were three people involved with running Planet Rock and that was three people with a very different idea of how things should run/develop so having ran the night together for about a year I think we all had enough of each other and decided to stop putting on the night, we all remained good friends though.

There tracks I most closely associate with Planet Rock:

Planet Rock, obviously a huge influence on us.

One that the B-Boys loved.

And a track I got booed for playing, yes booed!
I thought it was a cool track, the crowd didn’t!
Neither did the other two promotors, if I remember right this was the last night of Planet Rock we put on. As I mentioned earlier we had very different ideas in what direction the night should take, this track didn’t fit their vision, ha ha.




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