Interview: Brian Carleto Pilcher

DJ Name and any used previously?

Ha ha I’ve had many, i always felt each different style I was Djing or producing deserved its own alias.
Back in the hip hop days I was Dj X-act.
Then  during the Hard Dance days there was a  brief stint as Konflict, which due to copy write issues when i started releasing tunes I changed to Brian Eddie.
I made a full switch to House as a producer & Dj so it was time for a new alias again which is when Carleto was born & is still my solo alias but of course I am now  one half of Thoze2 playing b2b with my brother from another Alex Darling.

What styles of music could one expect to hear in your sets?

Well at the present time me Alex are rocking out a mixture of Tech House & Techno, mainly tunes made for the Dancefloor. We basically look at it like this, if I am in a club at a House night what would I want to dance/listen to ? Thats what we play.

How did you get started playing out?

Ooo thats a good 1 & could be a long story but ill try & give a short version.
I grew up in Cornwall & we had a crew of djs & mcs all of which were older than me including Plug & Pandamonium who used to play alongside yourself as well.
I used to go to the Flava & other hip hop nights with those guys & got introduced to yourself, XL, Bloodshot, Blueprint etc i suppose when I got to a point when i had the skills to play live i was kind of in the scene already so my mates got me on and it went from there.

What nights/venues have you played over the years?

Too many ha ha but to name a few Cooperage, Dance Academy, all the local spots really over the years.
It used to be Legends of the Dark, Flava, Sureshot. Call Of The Wild gigs in Newquay were awesome. I am proud to have played in Space Ibiza also Eden,Pacha and Ez Paradise.
Playing the Full Moon parties in Thailand was also great fun.

Where are you currently playing?

Of course nowardays its Plymouths very own Vivify at The Factory which is going off plus other nights here & there like BEAT which is also a great night.

Three tunes that have influenced the direction of your sets over the years?

Thats a tough  one as I’m sure all DJs would say, I’ll have to split it between hip hop & house.
Back in the day Gangstarr / DWYCK feat nice & smooth was a sure fire track for the club, you could really use that tune to then move forward with more of the lively Dancefloor orientated Hip hop & everyone knew it, it always went off.

House music wise its even harder i think the styles I have played have changed so much over the years. As Carleto one that stuck around for a while was Gary Beck / Hands In Mine  that tune was rocking & i suppose a tune that really shaped Thoze2.

And i rinsed to death was Darius Syrossian / House is House, at the time that was everything i wanted from a tech house track.


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