Francois Parker takes a look at the work of Tommy Musto/Frankie Bones/Lenny Dee.

There was something VERY Hip Hop about the House sounds of Tommy Musto/Frankie Bones  & Lenny D and it was a million miles away from the fun but often corny Hip House sounds popularised by Fast Eddie and Tyree Cooper.

Musto/Bones/Dee were all NY based DJs prior to putting out records, their love and knowledge of Records/Music surely being a key element to their “sample based” House sound which at the time was often described as Freestyle House which I found a very fitting title as there were clearly influences of Latin Freestyle in the work of all three DJ’s.

It was only with the dawn of the internet and sites like Discogs when I was able to trace the work of these guys back to Early to Mid 80’s Hip Hop/Latin Freestlye productions, Pre-internet I no information that these guys had been involved in records like Knights Of The Turntable and had never heard tracks like B-Beat Girls / Jungle Swing but without knowing any of this listening to the House that these guys were producing it was just obvious these guys had been deep rooted in the the Hip Hop/Latin Freestyle/Disco sounds that NY’s melting pot of club culture had to offer.

Loose Fit present ten of our favourite Musto/Bones/Dee related produtions:
Death City Boys / Bopsey Twins

Ghetto Blaster sounds.
I remember nights walking around the estate, snow on the ground blasting this out the box.
Edit King Omar Santana on the edits
Frankie Bones on the mix

Flowmasters / Energy Dawn

Now That We Found Love sampling (M25) Orbital raver.

One of the first releases on XL Records.
XL at the time were releasing these 12 inch singles that contained multiple tracks/mixes and would be best described  as  EP’s as a result they contained so many minutes of music that they didn’t  qualify for a place in the singles chart and instead were classified as albums, even though they were clearly not albums.


Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee / Just As l Long As I Got You.

Breakbeat driven, Love committee sampling, dance-floor filler.

Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee / Another Time Another Place

D-shake’s “Yaaah ” suppling the keys, The Beat Club acapella coming in handy for the vocals.
Another very early XL Records release.

Major Problems / Murder (25 To Life Mix)

Produced by Lenny d & Ralphie D with  Tommy Musto on this mix.
James Brown b-boy break, Techno stabber.

B Beat Girls / Jungle Swing

Mixed and edited by Dynamic Duo who I didn’t realise until recently were made up of two Tommy’s, one Tommy I’d never heard of and the other Tommy, yes the one Mr Musto.

The Dynamic Due feat Shaquan / Knights of the tuntable

More Ghetto Blaster sounds, this could be heard echoing around the Southway Estate thanks to its appearance on the Electro series.
Musto on production, Lenny D on the scratch.

Fourplay / Make Em Rock

Produced by all three of the featured artists in this chart Tommy/Frankie/Lenny.
Also interesting as it featured on a 7″ single that came free with Record Mirror magazine and  as such can turn up in UK charity shops/boot-sales for pennies.

Musto & Bones / The Future Is Ours

Boogie Down Bronx sampling title track from the excellent  Musto and Bones debut album.

Voodoo Doll / Women Beat Their Men

I first heard this track on one of the Deep Heat compilations after a friend left it around my house and never asked for it back.
Looking back at the Deep Heat comps they were packed with serious heaters, just looking at Deep Heat 3 which features the Voodoo Doll track it also has tracks by Lake Eerie, Arnold Jarvis and A Guy Called Gerald, and you could buy them in WH Smith, Woolworths,  and probably any place that sold records on the high street.

Tania if your reading this I still have the record and its yours when you want it 🙂

Edited / Lenny
Produced Musto / Bones

A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Voodoo Ray'(Rham Records) ’89
Count Bass-E – ‘So Fine'(City Beat Records) ’88
The Todd Terry Project – ‘Just Wanna Dance'(Sleeping Bag Records) ‘ 88
Dominatrix -‘The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight’ (Streetwise Records) ’84




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