Mix by Francois Parker: Academy To Blokhaus

Academy to The Blokhaus (A to B)

And down to nothing but sheer coincidence here we have my latest mix that very loosely ties in with the Academy related photos that appeared on this site today.
The connection is down to one track.
A track that for me personally connects a night at  The Academy nightclub sometime in 1988 to the Blokhause Lightclub in 2015:
Will Downing’s  A love Supreme (produced by Arthur Baker).

I don’t know which came first to be honest, hearing it on The Academy’s dance floor  or having the 12″ played to me by my friend Andrew who helped work the light rig in The Academy at under 18’s nights.
But I do have an image etched into my memory of a smoke filled Academy dance floor, strobe lights and those signature handclaps (programmed by Baker I would  bet) of A Love Supreme bursting out of the Academy’s speakers.
And the connection to Plymouths finest night The Blokhaus Lightclub?  Having owned this record since 88 I played it out for the first time this year at The Blokhaus, and it went down well, even saw folks doing the hand claps.


Yukako Hayase / Island
Talking Drums / Courage
Udjut Boys / World 1st Day
Mez / City Night Life (Francois P edit)
Will Downing / A Love Supreme (dub)
Braden Schlager / Morning
Key Tonic Ensemble / Calypso Of House
Journey Thru The N.Y. Underground / Rush Hour
Steve Summers / The Sunrise In You Eyes
Factory Floor / Breath In


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