DJ Interview: Alexander Rhodes (AKA Sean Holland)

sean holand 3

DJ Name and any you have previously gone by:

I am currently producing and about to return to Dj’ing as  Alexander Rhodes. I have produced a few tracks and remixes under that moniker.
I am using a new production and DJ name as my sound has changed significantly over the last 22 years
In the noughties you would have been more likely to see me DJ’ing as Sean Holland and of course in the Nineties everyone knew me as Naz.

When did you start clubbing/going out and what clubs did you frequent:

Well, thats a long story! I got divorced in 1993 and was extracting myself from a real cult religion that had dominated most of my life.
I went out for a drink with my brother on the barbican in 1993 and as he was married and sensible he had to go home at 11.
I can still remember to this day the moment he pointed down union street and said “its all down there apparently bruv…. Have fun….” and so I walked down the strip
and into the Conservatory where DJ Muzz was playing house music.
I went out six nights a week from that night on and was DJ’ing within
three months! Conservatory, Hypnotise at Powerhouse and Sound Factory.

How did you get started DJ:

I owe my start in DJ’ing to three people. Andy Howard, who gave me my first regular set, an eighties night at the then names Charlie’s Wine Bar (now the voodoo lounge) and a regular Monday and Friday Warm Up at Wildlife and the Fridge… Ritzy and JFK’s.

The DJ’ing side I owe to Dave Monk and Jim TC Honywill who both patiently taught me the rudiments of mixing and put up with me warming up for them and hovering around the decks eager to play more!
Those student nights gave me a good grounding for 6 or 7 months until I went away on holiday to tenerife and totally blagged residency at MRS T’s Bar where I played 12 hour sets every night, 7 nights a week.
I lost my job there due to a change of owners and ended up in crows nest with a guy called Tony. We packed that place out night after night playing crossover House and all the cool tunes I had been buying at The Music Box from Steve Edwards.
It was a real mish mash of stuff though. You had to deal with four or five fresh batches of punters throughout the night, although we got very good at keeping people in the club all night!

what styles of music can/could one expect to hear in your sets:

Nowadays you can expect to hear Balearic chill out music, real funky stuff.. Im kind of still finding my Alexander Rhodes Sound.
I started off with the deep house thing about four years ago but it soon became main stream and I got bored very quickly (an annoying personal trait that I have).
I am pretty much of the mindset that there is only good music and bad music…. Genres are really for stacking shelves, but I am playing Four to the floor less and less.

From 2001 to 2011 you would have heard me playing Progressive house and trance.. which by its nature is always changing so the slice of time I was into it I was playing artists such as Lexicon Avenue, Tilt, Sasha, Digweed, Tarantella and Redanka, Ortus, anything on Airgap Records.
As Naz 93 to 2001 it was Trance and Hard House!

What nights/venues have you played at:

Highlights were Candystore, Sound Factory, Monastery, Ministry of Sound Tour (creation Bristol), Radio one on the green warming up for Seb Fontaine was cool as was glastonbury in 99 and the first sunrise festival.
The wasp at SW1, various gigs around Manchester.. its a blur really.
However the main one for me of course was the weekly residency at the Dance Academy. Although I have moved on from that music the crowd, building and atmosphere has always been impossible to follow!

Where are you currently playing:

I am about to start a weekly residency at the Voodoo Lounge every sunday! Its going to be eclectic. Cool chill out vibes, acoustic music, balearic…Building from midday through to breakbeat, soul funk and northern soul at night..
Its a joint venture with me covering the entertainment and Chef Euten cooking jamaican inspired food all the way through.
Joe Biddle inspired sundays with his acoustic wine down at the now defunct ride and I want to try and create that kind of atmosphere, Alexander Rhodes will be finding his sound there I’m sure.

Three tunes that you used to have on heavy rotation back in the days:

Thats so hard! Whatever three I choose there will be a bunch of tunes that I will regret not picking. If I may I will give you three for Naz and
three for Sean Holland as they are such different sounds.

Naz (academy set):

1. Red Light District / God, Did you hear me

Thrill seekers / Synaesthesia

BT /  Godspeed (PVD Remix)



Sean Holland

Jaco_/ Show some love

Bedrock / Heaven Scent

Echomen / Cure

Alexander Rhodes
Who knows… come on down to Voodoo on Sundays and help me find out ;0)

Big thanks to Sean for this interview.

Alexander Rhodes will be starting a new monday night chill out show on Essential cornwall from monday the 23rd Novemebr … see essential cornwall on facebook for more details.

To hear some mixes by Sean check the following links:

Alexander Rhodes / Retrospectre

Sean Holland / Decade Of Dance.

Last ever mix by Sean Holland.



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