DJ Interview: Bluprint

mark dmc3

DJ Name(s):

Bluprint (no ‘e’ lol)

When did you start clubbing/going out and what clubs did you frequent?

Started clubbing about 92/93 those early days were really Cultural Vibes at The Warehouse and the early days of Flava and The Cooler.

How did you get started DJ?

I got started really by accident, a certain somebody used to live near my parents house and we used to lend each other records.
I remember seeing you cut up 2 copied of Chuck Chillout and then showing me how to do it and from then on I was hooked.
I took out a bank loan telling my parents I wanted to buy a car and instead got a set of 1200s and a vestax pmc5 mixer and then locked myself away and practiced my ass off.

What styles of music can/could one expect to hear in your sets?

Music styles were mainly east coast but some west and uk.
I was always a big fan of heavy breaks but also wasn’t afraid of using some more obscure stuff from the likes of dj shadow etc.

What nights/venues have you played at?

Well from starting in a little night above Charlie’s called The Crib I went on to do the Flava, Planet Rock, Legends Of The Dark Black etc before up sticks to Bristol were I lived for about 8 years playing as a resident at a night called skyhook, also guesting at different nights in Bristol and across the uk, as well as DJng in Germany  and a bit of touring with a couple groups.

Where are you currently playing ?

Sadly now the days of me battling at DMC Championships and playing clubs are over due to family commitments although I would love to pass down some of my misspent youth to my children when they are a bit older.

Three tunes you had on heavy rotation over the years.

Well that’s a tough one, so many great records over the years.
I would say though some that spring to mind are DWYCK by Gangstar always got a reaction.
Dilated Peoples / Work The Angels and probably DJ Shadow /Ogan Donor (remix) as this was part of a scratch routine I had that I really used to enjoy doing ou





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