DJ interview: DJ XL

taull paul pic

DJ Name(s):

Crow-child/Gorge/Tall Paul/ XL/ Xelcior

When did you start clubbing/going out and what clubs did you frequent? 

Started clubbing in 88.
Zenas / Fiesta / Mr Sweets / Malthouse / Roots St / Academy / Cooperage / Henrys / Charlies / Oscars / Sailing Club.
Various Speakeasy / Blues Clubs in Stonehouse.

How did you get started DJ?

Got started DJ’ing from saving money from my 1st job when I was 16.
I bought 2xTechnics 1210’s & a realistic mixer (Model No. 32-1200B).
Steve Pointer & Apache gave me my 1st lessons when I set the decks up at my flat in West Hoe.
realistic mixer 2

When I started collecting music it was on cassette tape when I was 8, I had a little tiny sony boombox which sat in the corner.
I didn’t have room for a record player in my tiny bedroom.
It was stuff like Queen & The Temptations, then later on salt & pepa, Fat Boys, Run DMC, nothing too deep at that stage.
My Dad had some records downstairs which he collected on his trips around the world with the navy in the 70’s. There was a dope soundtrack called Turks Fruit which he picked up in Amsterdam one time & some Booker T & M.G’s LP’s & Neros Soul party. These were some of the records I 1st sampled when I got a sampler.

What styles of music can/could one expect to hear in your sets? 

Styles vary from past to present. My go to genre has & will always be organic sample based Hip Hop. Also Funk, Soul Jazz, Electronic, Library, Latin; whatever I can get away with, pushing the limits.
In the past Rave, Jungle, Techno, breakbeat, Acid.
I’ll play commercial sets for money, everything else is a pleasure.

Three tracks that have been on heavy rotation in your sets over the years?

James Brown – Funky President

 PE – Don’t Believe The Hype

KRS-One / Sound of a police


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