The most Loose Fit-centric Number-One’s EVER!

Here we go Pop-Pickers the ten most Loose Fit-centric Number-Ones ever!
All number ones in the UK Chart (compiled by Gallup) presented to you in chronological sytlee.

KajaGooGoo – Too Shy

Went to Number 1 on the 19th Feb 1983, stayed at the top spot for 2 weeks.
Ok you need to head to the remix on 12 inch as the normal version is rubbish,  but do so with a quickness before  your local charity shop sends it to the landfill.
And oh yeah its a twenty pence  Theo Parrish  approved Mark Kamins mixed heater!

David Bowie / Lets Dance

Hit the top spot on the 9th of April 1983, and stayed there for three weeks.
Niles Rodgers on the production, Bowie looking handsome in the video, still sounds fresh now.

Chaka Khan / I Feel For You

Reached number one on the 10th October 1984 and stayed at Number-One for three weeks
Its got Melle Mel on the intro,  Adolfo Quinones and Michael ‘Boogaloo Shrimp’ Chambers in the video, could we wish for more?  well yes  if only Stevie had left the harmonica at home it could have been all the better, but its still a killer number-one.

M/A/R/R/S / Pump Up The Volume

On the 3/10/87 Pump Up The Volume reached number-one, it stayed there for 2 weeks.
This Sample Scratcher (as Les Adams described such things)  annoyed the hell out of Stock, Aitken and Waterman with Waterman  describing such records as “wholesale theft”.
The only downside of this record is it springboarded the careers of C.J. Macintosh and Dave Dorrell allowing them to butcher some great tunes with some of the worst re-mixes know to man.

S’Express / Theme From S’Express

Holding the top position on 30/4/88 and staying there for two weeks.
I remember hearing this on the radio and realising it was something special but not quite what Im into.
I remember walking into Courtnay’s and hearing DJ Hurry playing this and realising its exactly what Im in to.

“drop that ghetto blaster”

Soul II Soul / Back To Life

Reached umber one on the 24/6/89 and stayed there for 4 weeks.
Follow-up to Keep On Moving, seriously good tune and floor-filler at Raw (Snobs).
The drumbeat/break became known as the Jazzie  Shuffle and went on to be sampled countless times.

Black Box / Ride On Time

Topping the hit parade on the 9th of August 89 and staying there for SIX WEEKS!
The Piano Screamer all other Piano Screamers are judged by.
French model Katrin Quinol who fronted as the singer stole my heart, Loleatta Holloway moaned that her music had been stolen and we all did a funny skippy Rave dance when the DJ played it.

Beats International / Dub Be Good To Me

On the 3/3/90 Dub Be did good and hit the top spot, sitting there for 4 weeks.
Clash sampling SOS Band makeover.
I used to own a remix of this that had a rapper on it that sounded like Plymouths own (MC) Judge Doom, I actually think Judge Doom borrowed this record off me and never gave it back! You reading this Darren!

Snap / The Power

Its the 31/3/90 and Snap get their first number one, staying at the top of the  hit parade  for two weeks.
A nightmare for the legal department, Chill Rob G needed to get the court in session when he heard this track.
The legal wrangling are just too much I cant even give a short summery, head over to here for the full scoop:
Its getting kind of hectic


The Fugees / Ready Or Not

21/8/96 is the date The Fugees hit the top spot, they stayed there for two weeks.
Seriously good tune  and considered Pras and Wyclef can hardly rap its a miracle  they created such a great tune, Enya was a little cross though:

the uncleard sample source.





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