Mix: Bass, Bleeps & Bandwagon Leaps.

All aboard the Bleeps & Bass bandwagon…

But on the reels.

Dropping a quality Rave period track into a set is nothing new, I remember my first night out in the Shoreditch Disco Triangle hearing LFO  being dropped amongst the usually mix of Italo and Disco bits.
Energy Flash spunding perfectly inbetween  The Fitzcarraldo Variations / Black Cat and a Connie Case 12″.

What I’ve been noticing  in 2015 are Debbie Malone style breakbeats and the kind of tones/bleeps one would expect to hear “if everythings ready on the dark side of the moon” appeaing with increasing regularity.
And Panpipes, there have been panpipes.
But thats another mix………………………


Ministry Of Fear / Hotpoint
Energy Storm / Love Energy (Bijlmermix)
Miss Lie / Vertigo
Bleeps International / LP track.
Binary 4 / Power Serge
Xon / Dissonance
Xon / Bopulate
Tzusing / King Of System
G.F.X. / The Chill


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