Club Classics: Raptinsoul



1: When did the night start. 
The night began in 1995, started by Rae and Charlotte.

2: Venue/s.
It began in Charlie’s, went on to the Sound Factory, Quay Club and ended in the Studio.

3:  Music Policy.
Soul, Funk, R’n’B


4: Residents.
A variety of dj’s including Bloodshot, Phat Chex, Vegas, Damo, Robb and RB.


5: Guests:
Goodness – I cant remember, I dont think we had the budget
!! We did have a guest to put on visual arts.


6: How did the night come about:
Inspired by Flava and Jelly Jazz and realising that there wasn’t a night which my friend Charlotte and I wanted to go to. 

7: Three tacks you most closely associate with Raptinsoul.

Fascinating Rhythm – by Bass o matic

I’ll be the for you/You’re all I Need to Get By – by Method Man featuring Mary J Blige

Remember me by Blue Boy

Thanks to Rae for the info and the photos.


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