Lab Tec (90/91)

Bob had a Commodore Amiga and I had some records to sample.
Im not sure exactly when these tracks were made, though Id guess late 90/early 91.

Roy (Everyone on the Plymouth scene back in the days knew Roy) named us The Lab Technicians. He got the Lab from the initials of out first names, Leigh and Bob.
I shortened it to Lab Tec, Technicians was too tricky for me to spell.

The tracks are presented here not a lost grails but just to show what we were up to at the time.
They are not that great but do have a certain charm and are very of the time.
I remember one day walking through town and Trev (from TNT) came up to me telling me he’d heard the tracks and liked them, thats good enough for me.

The tracks are presented here in their original forms, some are a bit too long and I did consider editing them down before posting here but decided to keep them as they originally were.


Lee Harvey Oswald

Speed  up Graham Central Station drumbreak and some random samples that I cant quite place.
One night post-rave around Roy’s flat he played a tape with a track from Break The Limits EP 1 that had a sped up Funky Drummer sample on it, so I went round Bobs with the drum break and we came up with this.
I remember it got named Lee Harvey Oswald as Bob had just watch a documentary on the Kennedy assassinations and the name stuck in his head.

Lab Tec Track Two

I think we sampled the pan pipe sound from a 12″ that was doing the rounds at the time and played it up and down the octaves.
The monk sound I believe we sampled  from the Enigma /MCMXC a.D album.
Playing it now I quite like  main riff with the chime sounds ,that would have been Bobs input, Bob did all the good bit.


We played this tune on the Academy’s soundsystem , cant remember if we took Bob’s computer along or just played it off tape, anyways the bassline shock the building! I had dreams of Bob and I performing our tunes live, a Saturday afternoon soundcheck was the closest we every got.


Bob chopping up the Amen break in early 91!

I can date this track to Feb/March 91 as The Prodigy / Where Evil Lurks EP had just came out and  we  had sampled a bleepy noise from it to play up and down the octaves over Amen Brother straight looped.
We finished the track and I dont see bob for a day or so, when I do he tells me he’s reworked the track and he did, adding new melodies and chopping up Amen Brother!
Bob had noticed how Shut Up And Dance had been chopping up drumbreaks and worked out how to do it, crazy how it just happened that he did it with the Amen break


The last track we made together, again very of the time, bleeps, bass and a dark vibe.
Looking back now I wish Bob had used his chopping up the breaks technique rather than us using the straight loop.




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