DJ Name and any used previously? :
chex 2
DJ Phat Chex aka Skinny Stripes

What styles of music could one expect to hear in your sets?

Everything from Rare Groove through to no nonsense Techno.

How did you get started playing out?

I started playing out at a night called The Kooler which was situated in the studio which was one of the back rooms of the Warehouse aka OZ.
I smashed out Hip Hop and original Breaks and luckily got asked to become a resident there. (Big up Rebel aka Flowmaster). From there I went on to get a residency in the main club itself playing eclectic beats to the masses.

In 1991 I played about with Tall Paul’s (XL) turntables on his sofa on the Hoe and bought my first set of Technic BD22 Belt driven turntables and started cutting up an ET soundtrack 7inch over the top of an old K-Klass record and never looked back.

What nights/venues have you played over the years?

Due to a few releases I’ve had out in the past I’ve been lucky enough to play in Club Gretchen in Berlin as part of the Applepips crew along side Appleblim and A guy called Gerald (aka Uncle G), A castle in Barcelona with Autogenisis, Lorient which had gun shots in the wall so there was no time for mistakes hahaha (France) with my homie DVS, Wales, Bristol, London to name a few.

Also local nights Flava, Raptinsoul, UFO, Bizkids etc.

Where are you currently playing?

I’ve currently taken some time out from playing out and been working away on my productions which I’m stockpiling, but I’m now back in the room and hungry to show theses peeps what time it is. Expect everything and more.

Three tunes that have influenced the direction of your sets over the years?

D5 / flotation Tank

Its my fave tune of all time and also without sounding morbid is the track I want played at my funeral in 3076 ha.

The O’Jays – For The Love Of Money

Been a fave of mine for years and would be firmly in my ears whilst bombing the suburbs with my Sony walkman representing.

Fu Schnickens / Sneaking up on ya

This one has got some of the best (what do the kids call it Bars).
Beat juggling 2 copies of this makes Phatus Chekus very Happy.

Basically I’m into timeless shit and please print this because it’s very important when it comes to me. I sit back and watch the ego takeover and I sometimes wish i could make shit on demand BUT that’s not the case as I’m in this for the long haul and music hits me right in the muthafuckin chest and speaks a million languages. Haha The Power hey! (wink emoticon)
Also i don’t judge anyones morals for making or playing anything. If that makes them happy then carry on and I mean that sincerely. Music runs through every vein in my body and I can only do whats real to me and I always will, else I’d be on the front cover of Dj magazine with no shirt on, wearing gold headphones, a dolphin jumping over my head, holding a baby whilst looking serious with palm trees all round me, waiting for a load of bikini models to swim over to me on my island haha. The end!
I”m comfortable in my musicality and thats one thing I’m certain of.
Big up Rebel aka Flowmaster and Aubrey.

Big up and respect to everyone that’s doing it for themselves!!!!!!!!

Thanks Parks, I think that is all x



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