Blokhaus Lightclub


blok bankholiday

When did the night start:

The Blokhaus Lightclub opening was last year – May 22nd. Myself, Danbe and Francois Parker hosted the basement and it was an intimate affair but the energy was strong and people loved the aesthetic.

How did the night come about:

I came back from Berlin and Plymouth had no disco/rarities/oddities night. So I decided I wanted to change that and add some magic to the scene. It still doesn’t have a all-out techno night either which i’m keen to do something about.

Music Policy:

Disco/Balearic/House. DJ’s always seem to rock whatever they want at the Lightclub. As long as it gets people dancing. Overall it’s a very cosmic affair…loads of synths.


Francois Parker, Danbe, Mattiik, Megatron Man, Joe Darch, Simon Scullion and it’s also where the “Viscera” boys cut their teeth together – Chris Kelly, Elliott Lang and Rupert Callard. Oh and Tetragrammatons.


Phil Bank was an excellent guest. Love Phil’s stuff. Also had the Bizarre Rituals crew involved and then we have G. Mueller Jr. coming up from Bikini Waxx Berlin.

Three tacks you most closely associate with the night with:

Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue
It’s the song that takes me back to grooving with my girl in all those Berlin basements. Smoke, disco, cheap everything, easy love and life. Memories of you and me – Lihueeeeee.

Curtis Hairston – The Morning After.
Killer sharp drums that without out fail make me dance. And I love this guys voice, massively underrated and forgotten. Plus it really is a sick morning tune, gets you pumped for the day. Add a little sunshine and watch yourself fly through the day with this in your head.

Space – Carry On, Turn Me On.
Found this in a Late Night Tales with Friendly Fires. The whole album changed my life but this particularly was just pure magic. It has the most amazing low ebb and flow and there is so much passion in her voice. Drives me insane every time I hear those synths bubble up at the beginning.


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