Club Classics:Vivify


When did the night start: 

March 2014


The Factory:

Music policy/style:

Although perhaps predominantly known as a House night we quite like to keep it an eclectic variety of House/Techno/Disco/World/Funk/Italo and everything in-between rather than be pigeon holed into one set genre. Expect the unexpected!


When we started the night we found there were so many amazing DJs in the city who weren’t getting a look into playing out despite having the talent and the records, so something we set out to do was get a pool of local DJs we can have play for us when their style musically fits into the night we are trying to programme at the time. Despite having the privilege of being able to book some of our favourite ‘bigger’ artists, some of the best sets we’ve had have come from local artists and they are all absolutely crucial to any party we throw, we are very lucky in that respect to have such talented heads involved in our night.

Asides ourselves (l*ghtw’rks) and Mattiik we rotate our residents from the following, and gotta give huge props to them all because they all know the name of the game.

Alphabetical order;
Borahe, Chris Kelly, DanBe, Elliott Lang, Flambé Boumier & The Nut Thief, Gabriela, Krafty Sounds, Mr. Mitch, Loopkidd, Oscar & Hocking, Phil Banks, Rupert Callard, Sam Matthews, TheNeonDiscoClub, ThoZe2, Yiska. Huge shouts to Binn Steppa, Loose People, Little Jonnie & Sam Hall who aren’t local but have been down several times and laid it down for us, and also the Disco Biz Kids crew, a fine bunch of Techno slinging pirates we have had and have some upcoming cracking collaboration parties with. Also looking very forward to welcoming you in September – long overdue!


In alphabetical order;
Admin, Around7, Banoffee Pies, Christophe, Dan Shake, Ere Wax, Fabio Monesi, Felix Dickinson, Future Garden, Hackman, Inner Sense, Jade Cox, Jamie Trench, Medlar, Oli Furness, Phil Weeks, Robin Sure, SEFF, Steve Murphy and Verdi.

Upcoming guests; Al Zanders, Eliphino, Marc Cotterell, Moxie.

How did the night come about:

We were approached by Tom Costelloe who at the time had just taken over planning events for Kiss (soon to become Factory) to start running events at a venue that had been used as a commercial ‘gay’ bar for 20+ years. After living in London for a couple of years myself and coming back to Plymouth I felt increasingly disillusioned with Plymouths nightlife as there was not enough nights offering the quality and diversity of music I’d become so accustomed to in the countries capital. Of course we had the exceptional with the Dance!Dance!Dance! which was a staple in our calendars for their second to none atmosphere (and records that couldn’t have been more apt for their name!) and Plymouth’s best pub The Bread And Roses that allowed you the freedom to play what you want in an early doors bar environment. But asides that we found the club nights on the whole were all offering something very similar to one another. This meant we were able to start on a completely fresh project musically and involve a lot of quality selectors who were at the time not getting the chance to play out in the city. Through a lot of hard work the night managed to get a good reputation for delivering high quality underground sounds and trust from our crowds which has in turn enabled us a platform to bring down the artists we’d personally most like to see in our home city at an affordable price, an ethos we very much stick by today.

Has to also be said the cities nightlife is slowly regaining some momentum and again more diversity, as Dance!Dance!Dance! has returned, and the likes of Bizarre Rituals, DancersHip and Viscera are throwing some quality parties here now and really helping our local scene grow along with the cultural hub that is The Bread & Roses that still stands strong. Big shouts to all those guys making it happen.

Three tacks you most closely associate with the night:

Black Cock – Juicy Sushi

Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Hi Tech Jazz

K15 – The Story Of Her Life



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