DJ Risk & Tone MC / Untitled

Another vintage track from MC Tone and DJ Risk (me).
I remember  playing it to some folks outside Next the day or so after we made it and someone saying “its that the new TCI Track” which I was chuffed about as TCI were the best around town at the time.

This track is from before I had a sampler so its all done with records and turntables.
The main break is from the Tommy Boy album Master Of The Beat, somehow I ended up with two copies of it (not sure how as I defo never bought doubles back then) so I doubled up the intro to one of the tracks.
Then there is a bit of Mantronix for the hook and other little samples dropped that Im guessing I used a Breaks Beats and Scratches album for.
The sound quality is not great but to be honest it wasnt that good when we recorded it, out 4 track recorder was not up to much, but it got the job done.


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