DJ Interview: Loopkidd

DJ Name and any previously used:

DJ Ease


D’Ché Guevara

When did you start clubbing/going out and what clubs did you frequent:

Around 89/90, as a 14/15 yr old lad, I had already been following the progression of the acid house movement and was instantly hooked on what I was witnessing. So, when I got the chance to actually get into some of these clubs (Roots/Zenas/Warehouse/Academy) I was just blown away! I mean, way back then it was a totally new scene. The creativity and organisation that went into making these things happen was astounding. Neon backdrops, lasers, smoke, strobes and projections, stuff I’d never really seen before, was a complete attack on the senses. There seemed to be a lot of love and I was taken back with just how amazingly friendly everyone was towards us. The loyalty to the cause was second to none, ‘ravers’ would to travel from miles around to get to an event, putting on coaches to bring in people from Bristol, Exeter and Torquay. Good times!

How did you get started DJ:

After taking a quick 10 min crash course in mixing from friend & teacher (Tall Paul/DJXL) at a house party somewhere in Plymouth, I just knew this was what I needed to be doing. However, as i had no set up at home, I would often ‘borrow’ my sister’s hi-fi and sit it next to my own, one speaker wired into each, using the volumes to cut in & out and manually keeping tempo with my fingers. Even the slipmats were cut from pizza boxes!! Haha! Proper guerrilla style!  I still have some old cassettes knocking about somewhere…

It was also around this time that I took part in a local Dj competition hosted by Hurry & Ribbz (SAS) Apache & Skinny D (Techno Renegades), on Union Street, Plymouth and progressed through 6 weeks of heats to finally come out on top. I had this friend (Nick Carney) that had pretty much everything. Way before I even had a proper set of decks. His room was like Aladdin’s cave! He had all the right gear, all the latest imported vinyl, video camera and PC to boot. I used to go round regularly to make mix tapes and videos (much to his parents dismay!) as he couldn’t really mix that confidently himself. I was in my element and was lucky enough to be able to use all this technology to my advantage. He was also kind enough to let me to use some of his vinyl to take part in the heats.

This led to getting more exposure on the scene and it wasn’t long before I was playing some of the most prestigious events including Plymouth’s first ever all-nighter for Alpha at Plymouth’s Warehouse. Other events along the way inc. Essence, Headzone, Sound Factory, Academy, Quay club and Easy Pizy playing alongside some big hitting DJs & live PAs on the international circuit such as Robert Owens, Njoi, Aphex Twin, Dream Frequency, LFO, Eat Static, Manix, Multicore, Choci, Easygroove, Apache, Destruction, Robbie Dee, NRG and Loftgroover.

What styles of music can/could one expect to hear in your sets:

Without sounding too wet, it really has been a case of ‘been there, played that’ over the years, as many of us have done. Ranging from hip hop, acid house, techno, jungle/breakbeat etc. Nowadays, I have the opportunity and freedom to be expressive with whatever takes my fancy really. And that is a pretty good place to be. I have to say, I love spinning some of the rather tasty edits of old disco/soul/funk tunes that are about. Anything with a decent groove will win in my book. Something that most of us (of a certain age, ahem!) can get down to for a night. Still gotta dig deep of course! 😉

What nights/venues have you played at:

As well as the aforementioned.  SAS Reunions, Voodoo Lounge, Vivify, Factory, Oldskooling, The Hub, Crash Manor, Annabel’s, JSV, Thirst, Disco Biz Kids, Digital Minds, Love Summer, Walton Castle, various free parties around the South West.

Where are you currently playing:

I’ve gotta say, things are still going fairly well for me after 25+ years in the game. Regular bookings with Dom Jay@TheHub are a pleasure as it gives me the excuse to spin some nostalgic tunes with the added bonus of supporting some real icons of dance music culture. Recent support inc. K-Klass, 808 State, Mark Archer(Altern8), Sy, Ellis D, Slipmatt.

Finally, following on from the recent success of the first SAS Reunions (Sept ’15 & NYE) organised by myself & Dj Hurry, you can currently catch me playing out for those house music pervs@DancersHip (Flambé Boumier & The Nut Thief) either at the JSV or down at our very own slice of ‘Ibiza-on-our-doorstep’ – Sam’s@TheBay, Crinnis beach, Carlyon Bay.

Truly blessed.

South West Crew – Respect!


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