2016 track wrap up

End of year list biznizz:

Simon Scullion

No Artist – WLSLTDo4 (Wilson Records)
Unknown Artist / Better, Fever (Mood Hut)
Like / Songs Made While High (Jakarta)
Various/ Doing It In Lagos (Soundway)
Whodammy – Tell Me What (Cheap Disco Interpretation)

Joe Darch

Yussef Kamaal / Black Focus (Brownswood UK)
Prequel / Jazz Freedom EP (Rhythm Section)
Andres / Mighty Tribe (La Vida)
A Band Called Flash / S/T (Future Vision World )
James Mason / Recollection Echo (Shout! Japan)


Francois Parker

Underspreche / Naked
Benedikt Frey/ The Lobbyist
Mongolian Jet Set / San Frisco Speedhall
Tolouse Low Trax / Rushing Into Water
Emmanuelle / Italove
Die Orangen / Oodnadatta Rain
Tzusing / Nonlinear war
In Aeternam-Vale + anneq / Je Ai Dissous
Golden-Teacher / Raveinstigator & Divine
Alphonse / Smokey

Jorjhar Man

in no order –

Frank Ocean / Pink + White
Danny Brown / When It Rain
T e l e p a t h / テレパシー能力者 – 私たちの感情は一緒になって
Traumprinz / 2 The Sky (Metatron’s What If There’s No End And No Beginning Mix)

Gabriela Evangelou

Ansome / Blood (Perc remix)
Daydream / I Hate Models
These walls are made of / Nicole Moudaber (Pan Pot remix)
Dax J / Wir Leben Fur Die Nacht
Guy Gerber / Secret Encounters

Dom Jay

Talib Kweli / Fuck The Money LP (Javotti/3D US)
Album was actually released late 2015 but vinyl only appeared in Feb 2016 so going to include in my top 2016 list! Return to harder message than Gutter Rainbows or the 9th Wonder Indie 500 collab in 2015. Not my favourite Kweli album by any means, but any release deserves multiple listens. A record that is always on my playlist in the car and that is a common theme in my top 5.

Trilo / End Game EP (Renegade Hardware)
4 tracker quality EP from Renegade Hardware. Every tune has featured in my sets throughout 2016 – harder side of DnB that pushes the envelope but is still firmly rooted to deliver on the dancefloor. Swan song for Renegade Hardware and what a way to bow out. Will still be playable in 5 years time.

Justice / Woman LP (Because Music France)
Big fan of Justice and this should have been the follow up to Cross! Can see this being on the stereo for the next 6 months. Return to former glory. World may have moved on but Justice still delivering and would take over Daft Punk all day long.

Waveshaper / Station Nova LP (New Retro Wave US)
Been getting into Synth stuff for a while and this is as 80’s as you can get. Constantly on the stereo in my DeLorean. You can insert tracks here into any set – house, tech, or DnB. Think Bladerunner and War Games.

Keeno / Futurist (Medic)
Keeno was in my Top 5 last year and whilst this is not quite up there with the first album there remains some exceptional tunes, favourite of which is Step By Step feat Phase. I would really like to see some epic reworkings of some of Keeno’s work, to put in same vein as Bukem/Good Looking camp. Waiting for the 9 minute version of Nocturn!


Ben Milstein / ADJan – Earthlings
Ben Pest / Fat Pickins – Balkan
Dez Williams / Hard to Kill Diptera EP – Scram
Fred P / Sound Destination – Soul People Music US LP
Leisure System / JoeFarr (Max Cooper remix) – Spectate EP
Troy Gunner / Slack in the Noose – BOOMT015 (Promo)
Hexagon Son / Spiral EP Blipworx – Nonplus UK
Kassem Mosse / Disclosure LP – Honest Jon’s Records
De La Calle Eduardo / SDI – Non Plus
Daddy Lond Legs / Intergalactical Lover (White vinyl 7”) – Central Processing Unit

Big thanks for the lists guys.


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