Club Classics: Jungle Fresh (part 1)

Big thanks to KJ Dub for this interview on the early years of Jungle Fresh.


How did Jungle Fresh get started?

Jungle Fresh got started because I had an offer to do Roni Size, DJ Suv & DJ Die as a package for about £1200 I think…..I’d done DJ Food previously.. great successful night & the Cooperage management were warming to DJ nights as opposed to usual band nights….but £1200 was a lot of money….I really wanted to do it, so I asked Katie & Colin who were running Easynite if they wanted to go in with me to pay the deposit… needed a good promotion to work, and it did. Sold out. Then it was just a case of calling Serena at Profile agency & booking the next available name DnB DJ, coz they were all new to Plymouth…the promotion team was in place….and it worked. We had them all from Mickey Finn to Randall to Grooverider to Aphrodite to Goldie.

Simon & Chris at Bigga Records were advising me a lot at the time…I’d go & get their opinion on any offers I got…..& yeah they were telling me do a Jungle night…..& The Cooperage was selling Jungle Fresh peanuts at he time…we needed a name fro the night…Katie just happened to be eating a packet of nuts…we both looked at the pack…& smiled…!!!! haha

Who were the reident DJ’?

Local DJs were Mixymisstokus, Dave, Colin, (can’t remember their dj names) Squeek, Quest (DJ & MC), Stevie G, Red One, Logic…there must have been many more…coz everyone was asking for slots…..We put Quest in charge of MCs….he was the resident MC….I think i made a fool of myself on the mic at the end of some nights too…!!!! haha

Was it Plymouths first Jungle night?juge-fresh-ray

I think DJ Destruction did jungle nights before us….he became one of our regular DJs too…but for a while…we were the only monthly DnB night going….very popular with students….

How did you find it when the big Jungle nights started at The Academy?

We lost momentum when Legends stated at the Academy
it became difficult not to clash
but Legends was a great night….everyone would go…especially coz the hip hop upstairs…and such a great venue….
we only had one name DJ per month
they brought about 6…or more in one night….!!! haha
so yeah….we had to concede to a bigger night…
Couldn’t beat the NUB rig in the Cooperage for sound quality though…
I always felt the sound was better at Jungle Fresh…than Legends
Cooperage acoustics…..amazing…nice small venue…tight clear punchy sound
Academy always sounded’Woolly’ to me

Guest DJ’s  who played at Jungle Fresh:

Kemistry & Stormjungle-fresh-jumping
A Gut Called Gerald
Andy C
Congo Natty
Shy FX
DJ Hype
Kenny Ken
Ray Keith
EZ Rollers
DJ Rap
EZ Rollers
J Majik
John B (?)
DJ Krust
London Elektricity
Adam F (?)

You left Plymouth in the early 2000’s?

I left to go travelling in 2001…..I did a few Jungle Fresh nights with Quest….& handed it over to him….

Thanks to Quest for the images used in this feature.
Jungle Fresh (part II) coming soon.


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