Club Classics: Jungle Fresh (Part 2)

Talking Jungle Fresh with man like Quest.

When and how did you get involved with Jungle Fresh?

 I moved to Plymouth from Kent in late 96 & got to know Si at Bigga records who passed on a mixtape of mine to Katie & Colin who were promoting the very first Jungle Fresh with Kev Williams from the Cooperage at the time.
The line up was already sorted but they squeezed me in anyway & I became one
of the resident DJ’s every month alongside Hydro, Mike, Squeek & Stevie G.
The first Jungle Fresh was a huge success & sold out so they decided to continue doing it on a monthly basis. In actual fact the first event was supposed to be Roni Size & Krust but it was their fellow Reprazent & Full Cycle cohorts who were relatively unknown at the time, DJ’s Die & Suv that replaced them. Not that it mattered, the night went off big time & both DJs tore it up with their trademark Bristol Bass sound.
It was at the 2nd Jungle Fresh where we had Hype & Zinc topping the bill that I first picked up the mic, initially just to introduce the headliners but everyone encouraged me to keep going so I did & then continued to host/mc at every Jungle Fresh thereafter as well as DJ obviously.
It was after about 5 or 6 events i think, that Kev asked me if I would like to help him out with the promotion side of things as Colin had moved away & Katie no longer could commit to it.
Once the Cooperage went under new management & all the regular nights left the venue we took Jungle Fresh briefly to the Sound Factory & then found our new home at the UPSU where Kev was then the new promotions manager. We were able to draw in much bigger crowds but still kept it intimate & like a club. We continued to do a monthly night there for another 6 years.
It has to be said though, the cooperage nights were some of the best ever, in my whole experience as a DJ, MC, Promoter & raver. It was a very special club & era, I had many wicked nights there, not only at Jungle Fresh but also at Flava, UFO, Easy Night, Sureshot & various other one off nights.

When Kevin (KJ Dub) left to go traveling you took over the helm, where was the night being held in that period?

Jungle Fresh was still at the UPSU when Kev went travelling & I took over the full runnings. I gotta big up Andy Fandango & John Jynx who were instrumental in keeping Jungle Fresh going, we were a team so i can’t take all the credit.

Was it then you moved to The Busstop?

Andy Fandango approached me about the venue that became The Bus Stop and i came up with the idea of getting the local graffiti artists involved to decorate the place & bring all the original cooperage nights back under one roof.
We had a very small budget so it was all hands on deck to gut the place out, clean it up & build a bar, DJ Booth etc. Massive props to Andy, Jynx, Chex, Roy, Linda, Kat & all the crew that put the work in to get The Bus Stop up & Running.
So yeah, it was 2003 that we brought not only Jungle Fresh but Flava & UFO to the Bus Stop. Shouts to Mitch, Chex, Mylo, XL & Bloodshot for all their hard work & support as well. We had some cracking nights in there for the 2 years we operated. Phi Life Cypher & Jehst spring to mind & the return of DJ Die were all roadblock events that went off, proper sweatbox business but pure vibes.


What happened to Jungle Fresh after The Bus stop did it continue elsewhere ? Or did the big nights at the Academy takeover?

Yeah after The Bus Stop stopped trading I was already promoting the big monthly DnB night at Dance Academy with Trex. We took over from Legends of the Dark Black & we called the night Element which ran from early 2004 until the Academy shut down in 2006. I did try a Jungle Fresh night at The Dance Academy but it didn’t really work, Jungle Fresh was always about a smaller more intimate vibe.
After the Academy shut I relaunched Jungle Fresh at The Warehouse & we held our 10th Birthday there in 2007 with DJ Friction. Big ups to Alex Alphawave & Mark.

I had moved away from Plymouth by then & trying to keep promoting a night when you’re not in the town doesn’t really work so I stopped promoting altogether but it was good to go out on a high with the 10th Birthday party.


Who were the Jugnle Fresh residents?

Over the years there were many but from memory…
Mike RedOne (Nonom)
G Suss
Sorry if ive forgotten anyone.

Which guests did you have ?

Holy moly, thats a long list but most notable from memory has to be:
Ray Keith
Jumping Jack Frost
DJ Die
Mickey Finn
Kenny Ken
Dom & Roland
Doc Scott
Scratch Perverts
DJ Lee
Loxy & Ink
Ed Rush
DJ Rap
EZ Rollers

Yeah you get the picture, i could go on & on…

Big thanks to Quest for taking the time to give this insight into Jungle Fresh and also for suppling the images.


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