Club Classics: Jungle Fresh (Part 2)

Talking Jungle Fresh with man like Quest. When and how did you get involved with Jungle Fresh?  I moved to Plymouth from Kent in late 96 & got to know Si at Bigga records who passed on a mixtape of mine to Katie & Colin who were promoting the very first Jungle Fresh with Kev… Continue reading Club Classics: Jungle Fresh (Part 2)


Club Classics: Combination

  Who were the Combination DJ's: The combination DJ's were Mista Weava (Richard Weaver) Jnr Funk (Duncan Spite) M.I.G (Mark Ian Gurney) How did Combination come about: Combination came about from a mutual love of music. We negotiated a monthly gig every third Thursday of the month at the Quay Club, Barbican, Plymouth. None of us… Continue reading Club Classics: Combination