Southway Rap Sessions.

We were the F.T.F Posse but latter we because the Legion Of Doom, as Judge Doom thought F.T.F. (Far Too Fierce) sounded too American, personal I think he just wanted a crew named after him. It was 89 and we were all about inventing Posse names, drinking cider and have rap sessions. The turntables were Citronic… Continue reading Southway Rap Sessions.


Club Classics: BattleStations

  BattleStations was born on Thursday 8th 2007 under the name ‘Freestyle Session’. There has always been a good Bboy scene in the city but at the time there was no regular event where Bboys could flex their shit so I teamed up with the president of the uni Bboy society (Rob Dutton) and some… Continue reading Club Classics: BattleStations

Club Classics: Combination

  Who were the Combination DJ's: The combination DJ's were Mista Weava (Richard Weaver) Jnr Funk (Duncan Spite) M.I.G (Mark Ian Gurney) How did Combination come about: Combination came about from a mutual love of music. We negotiated a monthly gig every third Thursday of the month at the Quay Club, Barbican, Plymouth. None of us… Continue reading Club Classics: Combination