Club Classics: BattleStations

  BattleStations was born on Thursday 8th 2007 under the name ‘Freestyle Session’. There has always been a good Bboy scene in the city but at the time there was no regular event where Bboys could flex their shit so I teamed up with the president of the uni Bboy society (Rob Dutton) and some… Continue reading Club Classics: BattleStations

Club Classics: Combination

  Who were the Combination DJ's: The combination DJ's were Mista Weava (Richard Weaver) Jnr Funk (Duncan Spite) M.I.G (Mark Ian Gurney) How did Combination come about: Combination came about from a mutual love of music. We negotiated a monthly gig every third Thursday of the month at the Quay Club, Barbican, Plymouth. None of us… Continue reading Club Classics: Combination