Southway Rap Sessions.

We were the F.T.F Posse but latter we because the Legion Of Doom, as Judge Doom thought F.T.F. (Far Too Fierce) sounded too American, personal I think he just wanted a crew named after him. It was 89 and we were all about¬†inventing Posse names, drinking cider and have rap sessions. The turntables were Citronic… Continue reading Southway Rap Sessions.


Club Classics:Vivify

  When did the night start:¬† March 2014 Venue: The Factory: Music policy/style: Although perhaps predominantly known as a House night we quite like to keep it an eclectic variety of House/Techno/Disco/World/Funk/Italo and everything in-between rather than be pigeon holed into one set genre. Expect the unexpected! Residents: When we started the night we found… Continue reading Club Classics:Vivify